Saturday, 27 April 2013

Fishers Green, Cheshunt - 24th April

Weather: Sunny and warm, some cloud.

Birds seen:
Great Crested Grebe; Cormorant; Grey Heron; Mute Swan; Greylag Goose; Canada Goose; Egyptian Goose; Mallard; Shoveler; Gadwall; Teal; Tufted Duck; Pochard; Pheasant; Moorhen; Coot; Lapwing; Black-headed Gull; Lesser Black-backed Gull; Woodpigeon; Feral Pigeon; Great Spotted Woodpecker; Green Woodpecker; Wren; Dunnock; Robin; Nightingale; Blackbird; Cetti's Warbler (H); Reed Warbler; Garden Warbler; Blackcap; Chiffchaff; Blue Tit; Great Tit; Magpie; Jay; Carrion Crow; Chaffinch; Goldfinch (H); Greenfinch; Reed Bunting.
Total: 42

Plus: Grey Squirrel; Muntjac; Rabbit.
Plus: Brimstone; Comma; Holly Blue; Peacock butterflies.

I ventured out a bit later than usual today, getting to the Fishers Green area around 11.30.

I was still suffering from being battered and bruised from lasts Saturday's escapades and was a bit sunburnt on the hands and wrists as well. But hey, we finally have warmth and sunshine and spring has sprung. Plus the rest of the week is forecast for rain. So, all lathered up with sunscreen, I set out again.

It was another good day even though the totals were a bit down on last time. But I managed to see and photograph a few Nightingales as well as hear and see even more. There must have been around half-a-dozen all-in-all. And all were found along the relief channel on the way to the Weir.

Other notable sights were around 15 or so Great Crested Grebes, one pair of which did the head-shaking thing, re-affirming their marital vows. Most of them were seen from the Grebe Hide, which was finally living up to its name. Around the same area as the Nightingales was a single Garden Warbler singing away.

GCG on the nest.
Aside from them there were plenty of Warblers about here. Plenty of Blackcaps were seen; a few Chiffchaff were seen with more being heard everywhere; Reed Warblers were chasing each other around the reeds outside the Bittern Hide. Woodpeckers, GS and Green were seen - the GSW at the beginning of the walk and a pair of Greens were seen at the end. I saw 3 Jays or maybe the same one 3 times. A lone male Reed Bunting and a lone Greenfinch were seen at the feeders from the Bittern Hide.

There were lots of people about, dog-walkers; cyclists; joggers. Plus sundry others almost everywhere. There were even people messing about in boats, in two lakes.
I had intended to visit the Hall Marsh Scrape last thing in the early evening, just to see if there were any other different visitors to when I visit first thing in the morning. But I spoke to a guy in the Bittern Hide on my second visit there who had just come from the Scrape and who said that only an LRP was down there. So, feeling a bit shattered, I decided to head home around 5.30.

Greylag Gosling
My train came in while I was crossing over the bridge but this time I didn't bother running for it and waited 20 minutes for the next one, getting home just after 6.

It was another good day out in the warm weather. Long may it continue.