Thursday, 24 October 2013

Rye Meads - 23rd October 13

Weather: Cloudy and overcast in the morning, clearing up slightly, ending with mainly blue skies. Strong wind.

Birds Total: 33
Plus: Common Darter, Migrant Hawker dragonflies. Red Admiral butterfly.
Plus: Konik Pony; Water Buffalo; Dock Bug, Green Shield Bug; Dark Bush Cricket; various Bees, Hoverflies, Spiders and Wasps.

It was forecast today to be cloudy and overcast until lunchtime when clear blue skies should have arrived. Of course this wasn't the case, the cloud cover overstaying its welcome, restricting the blue sky to rare appearances. There was even a bit of rain just after I arrived. When the sun did shine through it was quite warm but there was an accompanying strong wind too.

Today wasn't a long visit, getting there after 11 and heading home just after 3.30. Unfortunately, the strong winds also blew down a tree onto the overhead train lines which delayed the journey home, adding over an hour to the journey.

There weren't too many people about on the Reserve, I didn't see much more than half-a-dozen people all day. There weren't too many birds about either. Plenty of Lapwing though, over 200+ and lots of Shoveler and Teal. There were good views of a Green Woodpecker and a Jay from the Draper Hide in the morning and a good view of a Water Rail and a lone Common Sandpiper from the Tern Hide in the afternoon. 3 Green Sandpipers were seen dozing in the late sunshine also from the Draper just before I decided to call it a day.

A few days earlier someone had reported seeing well over 230 Common Snipe from the Tern Hide but all I could muster was a puny 4. The only other bird of note was a glimpse of a Kestrel just as I left the Reserve.

Early on, at the first pond, I spotted a pair of Dock Bugs and a lone Green Shield Bug, together with a pair of Dark Bush Crickets. Plenty of Common Darters were about, some in pairs, egg-laying and about half-a-dozen Migrant Hawkers. I only saw one butterfly - a fleeting glimpse of a Red Admiral.

And that was it. No Water Voles but one of the Water Buffalo still had a calf with her. Not the greatest of visits but at least I managed to get out again. It was a better option than doing the housework.

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