Thursday, 21 November 2013

Amwell Nature Reserve - 4th November 13

Weather: Cloudy, blue skies. Cold wind.

Birds Total: 38
Plus: Fox; Muntjac.

Not a good day today. The weather forecast was almost totally wrong. Bright, blue skies became cloudy and overcast. It was also cold. Very cold.

So it was a short day out. There were all the usual birds on show again today. Gulls and Coots; Mutes and Geese; Ducks and Cormorants. There were a couple of things of note. Firstly, there were around 75 Greylag Geese on Great Hardmead Lake. Raptors on show included Red Kite; Buzzard and Kestrel. A GBBG; a LBBG and a BHG were side by side, allowing a size comparison. There were over 50 Lapwing; 6 Snipe; several Wigeon and 3 GCGs.

The only other thing of note were a Fox and a Muntjac very close to each other, seen from the James Hide. Both warily eyed each other, before the Muntjac ran off.  It looked quite tense.

After leaving the viewing point I went and sat in the James Hide for a few hours and then the White Hide for a few more. Together with one other Birder called Brian. I had met him before and we had a good chat whilst waiting for nothing to show up. Jenny Sherwen, one of the Warders, appeared again after leading a work party earlier.

It's forecast to get colder during the rest of the week. I'll get my t-shirt and flip-flops out in that case.