Sunday, 12 October 2014

River Stort - 7th October 14

Weather: Sunny with some cloud. Strong breeze.

Birds Total: 19
Plus: Common Darter dragonfly.
Plus: Bluebottle; Cattle; Flesh Fly; Horses; Hoverfly.

It was forecast for overcast skies with a chance of rain today, clearing up after lunchtime. So I took the opportunity to take a short walk down the River Stort during the afternoon. It was quite sunny and warm enough but the sun was still struggling to poke through the numerous clouds that were sailing by in the strong-ish wind.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much about, probably the wrong time of the day. Maybe I should have gone to Rye Meads today, as there was a juvenile Cuckoo seen. But it was still nice to be out and about.

There wasn't anything much to photograph either and so I didn't even bother taking my SLR out. I just had to make do with a few scenic shots with a pocket camera.

The star spots of the day, however, were 3 separate sightings of Jays and a lone Kingfisher flying up the river, landing briefly before a dog-walker scared it off. I saw a couple of butterflies but they wouldn't stay still long enough for an ID and there were only a couple of sightings of Common Darters, both looking past their best.

Every now and then a movement by the river caught my eye, but whatever it was disappeared before I could get an eye on it. I really must check in to SpecSavers. I even remembered to have a look up in to the sky every now and then to see if there were any raptors around, but all I saw were the odd pigeons flying over.

There weren't even that many people along the trail. I only saw about half-a-dozen, most of them being dog-walkers and cyclists.

So it was a short 5km, 2-hour walk along the river. Maybe I'll leave the River Stort visits to just the summer months.