Thursday, 7 May 2015

London Zoo - 11th April 2015

Weather: Warm with slight cloud cover.

Wildlife Seen:
Well, it was London Zoo! But the stars were Black-necked Weavers; Blue-bellied Rollers; Splendid Sunbird; Sun Bittern and the Two-toed Sloths, not forgetting a baby Emperor Tamarind.

The sun was shining, mostly, the crowds were out - it was still the school holidays and today I found myself visiting London Zoo with my friend, Shan.

We met up outside Regent's Park tube station around 9.30 and walked upto the Zoo, through the Park. Fortunately, the queue wasn't too extensive and we were inside quite quickly.

The Zoo is quite a big place but we had decided to stick to the birdy areas, visiting the Bird Safari; Blackburn Pavilion; Rainforest Life; and the Snowdon Aviary. We also paid visits to Butterfly Paradise; Gorilla Kingdom and Penguin Beach.

Including a break for lunch and a few rest breaks we were in there for over 5 hours. Fortunately, this time, only one area was closed for renovation and it didn't really affect us. A large part of the central area was being redeveloped, for the introduction of the Asiatic Lions, which were currently located at Whipsnade Zoo.

We managed to avoid most of the crowds, mainly by not attending the staged events, but, due to the holidays, it was very packed almost everywhere, with lots of screaming kids. At least there were no dog-walkers; cyclists or joggers!

I was quite pleased with the set of photos I managed to take, seeing a few species of bird I hadn't seen before. We both enjoyed the day and ended up having a few beers before heading home.

There are lots of beautiful birds in the world that I will never get to see in the wild, but love them or hate them, Zoos give us the opportunity to be able to see them. Any institution that works towards their long term survival gets my vote.

A selection of photos of the day:

Amethyst Starling
Black-necked Weaver
Blue-bellied Roller
Eastern White Pelican (honestly Dad, the fish was this big!)
Emperor Tamarind (and baby)
Hooded Pitta
Indian Leafwing
Pekin Robin
Splendid Sunbird
Sun Bitterns
Two-toed Sloth

'Some people say London looks great in the Spring. I reckon it looks much better in the rear view mirror.'