Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Dear Reader,

You may, or may not, have noticed, that some of my Blog titles have been ending with an *.

I am acutely aware that, visiting the same Reserves, week in, week out, my Blogs can become a little repetitive. Therefore, I have been trying to 'jazz' them up a bit.

Consequently, every time you see a Blog that finishes with an *, the story will contain a puzzle. It might be in the form of various songs from a solo artist, or group. It might have films starring a famous actor or actress. Or even book titles from a favourite author. However, they will all have a 'common denominator'.

That's probably why some of my grammar has been a bit 'confusing'. It's quite difficult weaving in the odd song or film title. There are usually around 10 or so titles in each Blog.

The first one was way back in September, last year: 'A Migrant Hawker Fest!'

So, if you like solving puzzles, then this is for you. Let me know if you need clues, or even the answers.

Or not.

Any feedback would be good. Preferably constructive.

I'm also considering blogging just once a month now, at the end of each month. A monthly summation, in essence. That's due to various reasons.....but that will depend on the feedback!

Thanks to all for your interest.

Best wishes,

The Bearded Tit (TBT)